Napoleon Hill -THINK AND GROW RICH – The Hidden Secrets Inside

THINK AND GROW RICH – The Hidden Secrets Inside

This video demonstrates 13 principles that the author wants everyone to do and achieve success. Earl nightingale is famous for his rich phonetic and he has given voice for this episode. Enjoy watching this!…


The lion and the mouse -Moral Story

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The Lion and the Mouse (Moral Story)

Once, in a dense jungle, a mighty lion ruled like a king. He was very strong and had a thick, beautiful mane.
One day when the lion was sleeping, a mouse got into his mane and played with the thick hair. The lion was disturbed. He caught the mouse with one of his paws, and pinned him to the ground. “You, little mouse, how dare you play with me?”, said the lion with burning eyes.

The lion was about to kill the mouse. The mouse was chocked with fear. He pleaded to be forgiven, and said, “If you let me go, may be one day I shall help you as best as I can”.

The proud lion laughed at this remark of the mouse. The lion said, “Are you joking, little mouse? You are so small and I am so big. How can you think of helping a big creature like me? I will never need your help!”

The mouse said, “You are a great creature. A creature as great as you should not kill a small mouse. So please let me go!”

The lion released the mouse, and warned him by saying, “Never disturb me again!”

After some days, the great lion was caught in a net spread by hunters. He tried to come out of it, but his strength was of no use. He was in terrible situation. He realized that the hunter would come and kill him. The lion felt a great fear. Suddenly, he heard the small voice of the little mouse. The mouse said, “My dear friend, don’t be afraid! I’ve come!”

With his sharp teeth the mouse cut through the links of the net. The work was done quickly and the lion was freed. When the hunters came, they found an empty and torn net. Thereafter, the lion and the mouse became great friends.

 Moral lesson: We learn the at-least three moral lessons from story of the Lion and the Mouse. They are

  1. A good act gets its return,
  2. Even the strongest may need help, and
  3. Everything counts in life, even the smallest.

Go hunt your dream

Dated: 21/2/2018
Shared by : Ragu & team

Go hunt your dreams -Motivational video

This is a motivational video  which demonstrates how to achieve our dreams. This video speaks about how we let our lions sleep inside and falling prey to the outer world. To hunt our dreams , we should make our lions to come out and  chase the dream and finally achieve  the dream. This video is presented by Mr.Ragu & team.