Trip to thekkady

There was a plan for attending two colleagues marriage. Mr. Mariados and Mr. SolaiRaj respectively. The two marriage came in two consecutive days. In mean time , we planned a trip to thekkady to spend time . We ended up happily.

Every year our management would arrange for a trip outside to be stress free and get relieved from day to day activities. This year we decided to go to yelagiri for a day trip.
Bus was arranged by our organization for the trip. After completion of our works, we started our journey at the mid of the day.
Kuthu songs were played and the employees were really in happy mood and enjoyed the songs by singing and dancing.

Already arrangements were made in YMCA camp for dining and taking rest. We stepped out at yelagiri around 8.30 pm and had dinner. After that we decided to do camp firing. The team gathered at the ground in YMCA. Fire was set. But surprise awaited. A cake box arrived at the middle of us. It’s none other than our colleagues’ birthday. We sang song, wished them and cakes were shared among each other. The whole idea behind this is our head. Then we split into groups to participate in the small dance competition. Music was played and every team danced and enjoyed the night.

The next early morning, after having some fresh air and cup of coffee, we left for trucking. The team has to walk a little bit to reach the around 2km through the forest by walk. The team was announced not to disturb the forest because of indigenous bird species prevailing there. While starting our journey, we were given three different tasks to prove and increase our capability before reaching the spot.
To climb up a big rock with the help of a rope. Everyone was conscious and climbed the rock with ease. Others helped them.
Another big rock was shown. This was thrice the size of first one. Team was astonished and afraid facing it. But the instructions were different .This time, its underneath and there is a small pit. Everyone has to step beneath the rock to go to the other side.
Third and the last task is to climb the mountain. Here there was a twist. A group should be formed allowing two members in each group. The task is named blind fold.One has to direct the way to the other by saying the words Up, Down, Left, Right. The another’s eyes are tied with hand kerchief, so he cannot see. The journey was difficult and here comes the idea, How you guidance your coworker under circumstances? Since its an uphill and rocky, to climb the hill became risky for the teammates and to guide other.
After reaching the spot, biscuits were provided and fold was broken, the members who were blind folded got excited seeing the spot from the mountain. The team photographed themselves and excitement all over places. On reaching the starting point from the mountain, the team decided to add some more fun to the team. So they went to park .The park facilitated adventure games like quad biking (off road), paintball, air rifle Shooting, zipline and rope obstacle activities. It was really fun driving a four-wheel All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Designed for off-road drives, these bikes provide a wonderful riding experience and are ideal for forest terrains, rocky mounds and mud-lashed trails.
Back to the room, took breakfast and once again gathered in the YMCA ground. The Management has arranged for some activities that are essential for the companies. First the team is not interested to participate. But when they entered inside, everyone became their own head prospectively.Two team were split into equal halves.
First activity:
A long rope was given in the hand of the first team and asked to form a square. Everyone’s eye are be folded. No guidance were provided. When the time is over, the square was like a polygon. On noticing this, the second team came to action, they were said to form triangle. They acted quickly and in efficient way, and a colleague guided and checked whether the triangle is correct. They succeeded.
Moral: Everyone has their own thinking, Knowledge and Experience. Once a task if given, if there is no procedure and policies the task would become unsuccessful. Apart from that if everyone has the mentality to listen and get guidance from the perspective person , they would succeed

Second activity:
A large square was made and a jam box was kept in the middle. Three essentials are given and the team want to take the box with essentials without stepping inside. Three essentials are long rope, Brown tape and rubber bands. The teams fought well and decision was made in another way. The second team scored more but first team was announced successful. Because of negative marks and less attempts the first team succeeded.
Moral: If a task is given, analyzing should take part first and then how to execute it. A task can be completed in numerous ways but a clear planning and execution triumphs.

Third activity:
This is a story kind activity. One team has to cross a river filled with crocodiles and go to the other side. Assume there is a wall, you would jump out the wall without touching and you have to cross another river filled with crocodiles to reach the destination.
Two lines are drawn describing the river at one end and little space for standing ,a basket ball net is coiled in the middle(the wall) And same type of lines on other side(another river and space).Two team should cross and reach the destiny from opposite directions.
If anyone touches the line, the respective team has to start from the beginning. The team manages to fail in each moment, as one of the team member failing the attempts. At last the two teams decided to help each other and all reached the destiny.
Moral: If a task is given, team work is the most essential to sort out the task in an efficient way. If not their projects, the other members of the team could come voluntarily and lend the essential help needed by the concern teammates to reach the goal.

After this activity, the team was split into three. Three charts were placed somewhat away from the place. The task was to draw an elephant. One member from each team was called and made to draw each part of the elephant body. At last only one chart resemble elephant like thing and given the winner.
Moral: Each and everyone have different mindset and approach. If the task is given, no procedure is followed; the employees are forced to face the dilemma, resulting in variant output.

All of them know how would be the shape of elephant. But in each circumstance, a single mistake made from anyone would result in continuous faults and correcting faults made them even worse.

From the whole activities, the team managed to learn three main things
1) Listen
2) Team Work
3)Time Management.

After completion of lunch at YMCA, the team managed to leave yelagiri with smooth and thankful heart for the management……